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Why Are High-Quality Socks So Hard To Find?

We live in a conventional age. Big businesses in industries across the board are continuously trying to keep their operating costs low while trying to make the highest amount of revenue. When it comes to socks, one of the ways they can do this is by swapping out quality materials for cheaper materials.

Because socks are such a necessary clothing item to have, with the majority of the world’s population wearing them, the demand for them will always be high. This stable demand means that sock manufacturers can try sneaky ways to bring down costs without too much fear that the worse quality will result in fewer sales. Yes, buyers can always swap one sock brand for another, but evidence suggests that they will stick to what they are comfortable buying. 

Big Brands Continue to Dominate in The UK

Covid created a lot of chaos; everyone knows this. However, what is less talked about is the impact on small SMEs, which has resulted in bigger brands taking over many industries that used to be way more competitive. 

Clothing is no different. The major brands you see down the high street continue to grab people’s attention and the small SMEs fall further and further behind. This again caused the perfect environment for big brands to look for ways to cut costs without being too fearful that a less-value product will not sell as well as before.

Inflation, Inflation, Inflation

The world had to tackle inflation after the pandemic. In the United Kingdom, inflation reached a whopping 11%. Although this may not sound like much compared to what other countries were experiencing, it still had a massive impact on the UK’s economy. 

As a result, quality socks became a lot more expensive to buy, which a lot of individuals simply don’t have the budget for. Because of this, they opted for cheaper alternatives. So, the good socks became harder and harder to find!

Brand Awareness

There are definitely high-grade socks out there that will protect your feet and prevent your wallet from crying. However, it is becoming extremely hard to find them with big brands using their enormous marketing budgets to capture your attention.

At Funky Socks, we like to think of ourselves as a prime example of a high-quality small company that sometimes goes unnoticed. We sell well-made, durable funky socks for men and funky socks for women. Whether you want bamboo or a cotton blend, you can check out our selection. 

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